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A Whole New Way To Shop For Shoes
Fit Matters

The best thing about shoes is when they fit right, everything feels better! Check out our Sole chart to find your perfect fit.

Total Solemates

What’s your style? Confident? Sexy? Classy? This is all about you, go on and express yourself. Select your favorite Solemate top and match it with your Comfort Sole.

Build A Bundle

Great things come in pairs so why not build a bundle? Classic Bundle: Comfort Sole + two Solemates of your choice, and save $10. Solemate Bundle: any two Solemates, and save $5.*

*Choose the London option for just a little more

Take Me Shoe Shopping

Your shoes are an extension of you. Now there’s an interchangeable shoe that gives you the freedom to match your look to any occasion. Change your style whenever, and wherever you want. One great shoe, for every moment. Fall in love with your feet again!


Next Steps

Here’s a fun question: if you could get paid doing something you totally love, would you do it? Of course you would! Join Solely Jane and share our shoes as a full time gig or a fun side hustle.

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Our Sole Purpose

is to provide you with the freedom to live life the way you want to, with endless personal style, endless opportunity, and endless success. It’s simple; We provide the base, you provide the stories. Soley Jane, is all about you.

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